MONAT FAQ – The Ultimate Retail, VIP, and Market Partner Frequently Asked Questions

MONAT FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for customers, VIPs and Market Partners.

MONAT FAQ - for customers, VIPs and Market Partners.
MONAT FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about this incredible healthy hair product line.

Monat is a brand new social marketing company that brings healthy hair care products to a whole new level.  It was founded in the USA in 2014, launched in Canada in 2015. During this short time, Monat has proven to the world that they are here to change the hair care industry for the better.

With its fresh style and family-focused business model, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this incredible healthy hair movement.  Read the Monat FAQ for questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Monat.

Monat FAQ – Retail Customers

What’s so special about Monat’s hair care product line?

This is a lifechanging product line that focuses on natural based and scientifically researched formulas that put the ‘care’ back into hair care. Have a look at this Pinterest board. The results speak for themselves.

Who should use Monat Hair Care Products?

EVERYONE should use Monat.  It is a safer, healthier alternative for those looking to switch to environmentally friendly, toxin-free personal products.  I wanted to avoid the nasty ingredients in standard drugstore cosmetics and personal care products and is one of the main reasons I chose this product line for my family.

Is it safe to use?

Safer than the leading brand of baby shampoo! It will definitely be safe to use in most situations. As always, read the package and if you are unsure, ask your doctor.  I chose Monat for my family because I was horrified to read about the junk toxins in most popular brands of personal care products.  I love that Monat has no toxic ingredients.

MONAT FAQ - Monat Healthy Hair Care VS Popular Baby Shampoo
Monat VS Popular Baby Shampoo

On color-treated, permed or otherwise chemically altered hair?

Yes all of Monat’s products are safe to use on all hair types and all conditions as it is natural based and gentle.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding?

Pregnant women should always check with their doctor if you have questions about the safety of any product. Our ingredients are safe for the general public and have caused no adverse reactions during our clinical trials.

Is Monat recommended before, during, and after cancer treatment (chemotherapy)?

The Balance Treatment System is recommended before chemo-therapy treatment, during to nourish the scalp and balance the pH, and after to help promote a healthier scalp for faster and stronger hair growth.

On children?

Safer than baby shampoo! Unfortunately it is not tear-free, but much less irritating than standard drug-store hair products. Be careful not to get product in eyes when using on babies and young children.

What can I expect in the first 90 days of using Monat Hair Care Treatment Systems?

Everyone’s hair and body chemistry is different, but generally you can expect your hair to go through the following 3 stages of healing as you begin using only Monat hair care products.  Most people will experience an immediate positive result when they first start, but others might experience some detox before getting to a healthier, longer, stronger head of hair.  Give the treatment systems enough time to work and you will see your healthiest hair after at least 90 days of use!

Month 1: Detoxifying – Your hair and scalp begin to assimilate MONAT’s active ingredients.

Most experience:
• Better overall texture as the products begin to penetrate
• Improved circulation from powerful actives energizing the hair and scalp
• Reduction in tangling
• Softer hair and a more natural feel
• Improvement in colour and condition
• Some baby hair growth

Some may experience:
• Refined oil production as your pH balances equalize
• Some flaking due to boosted cellular turnover and exfoliation
• Some itching caused from follicles that are beginning to wake up and grow
• Some dryness or stickiness as the years of buildup and wax start to dissolve
• Some shedding from hair follicles that are enlarging and getting rid of old cells and dormant hair

Month 2: Recovering – Your hair and scalp are becoming healthier and less sensitive to outside influences.

Most experience:
• Increased volume because the buildup that weighs hair down has vanished
• Increased control
• Balanced oils and increased hydration as the follicles energize and continue to reactivate
• Less tangling and more life
• Reduction in frizz and flyaways due to a healthier cuticle that lays flatter

Some may experience:
• The flaking has probably all but stopped
• The itching should have calmed down
• The sticky feeling has almost all gone away as the buildup is disappearing
• Hair is becoming shinier, livelier and healthier feeling
• New hair growth is stronger and more mature
• Less shedding

Month 3: Stabilizing – Your hair and scalp are returning to a more natural state as most detox and recovering issues have all but vanished.

Most experience:
• Improved overall volume as individual strands plump up from the inside out
• Improved manageability
• Improved body, lift, and bounce
• Reduced frizz and hydrated ends
• Smoother, shinier hair
• Better texture and quality of hair combined with added strength
• Hair that combs and brushes easily
• Thickness and increased definition
• Noticeably greater hair growth
• You may not have to wash as often due to balanced moisture and oils
• Improvement in natural and/or chemical colors

Will Monat products cause unwanted hair growth in other areas on my body?

Monat treatment systems work by making the scalp, follicles, and hair grow in healthier.  It will not increase unwanted hair growth in other areas of your body.

What Monat hair care products should I use to regrow hair after struggling with hair loss?  (alopecia, male-pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, etc).

Start with the Let It Grow treatment system to maximize hair growth, scalp health and follicle strength.  For an extra hair regrowth boost, add our S3 Supplement Support system to your daily regimen.  When you’ve seen a significant improvement in your hair line, you can continue taking S3 daily and switch to any of our other shampoo and conditioning systems (or mix and match products like me!).

Monat FAQ – VIP Customers

Why should I enroll in the Monat VIP program?

Well if you like things like free shipping, exclusive gifts with every order, free product samples then this program is for you!


We ask that you place two more qualified Flexship orders after you enroll. You schedule your first Flexship during enrollment, which by default will ship approximately 30 days you enroll. This order can be pushed out up to 60 days at a time, and there is no set deadline on when you must complete your orders.

What is Flexship?

Flexship is Monat’s convenient ordering service that delivers your products directly to your door.

Here is how it works:

1. Enroll and place your first qualified Flexship order. You will receive an immediate perk by getting your Only For You product in your first order!

2. Then place two more qualified Flexship orders—one in the next 30 to 60 days, the other 30 to 60 days after that. Essentially the active requirement = a minimum of one qualified Flexship order every other month.

3. Receive an Only For You product in every qualified Flexship order!

How can I get my Monat products for free as a VIP?

3 And Thank You Program

As a Thank You, MONAT VIP Customers who bring their best friends into the VIP program will get their order free! With all of the benefits including this one, your closest gal pals will want in on this awesomeness too.  Get your 3 friends enrolled in the VIP program with you and we will give you $110CAD or $84USD credits toward future product purchases.  As long as your exclusive group of buddies stays active on the VIP program you will get these credits month after month! Who wouldn’t want FREE luxury hair care products? All you need to do after you’ve got your friends signed up as VIPs is call Monat customer service to apply your product credit to your next order.  More information about the Monat VIP program here.

Monat FAQ – Market Partners

Why should I start a healthy hair care product business from home with Monat?

Do you love having great hair, helping others get great hair, and earning an income by promoting an incredible, lifechanging product line?  Monat Market Partners enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere, the ease of online ordering systems, no inventory requirements, and the support of an incredible company, team and mentors to help you succeed in this business.

How much money can I make as a Monat Market Partner?

You can earn 30%-40% commission on everything you sell through your website and you can decide to lead a sales force which gives you an even greater opportunity to earn more commissions, bonuses and much more.

How much does it cost to get started?

The cost to become a Monat Market Partner is $99USD or $125CAD.  More details on becoming an MP here.

What is the minimum requirement to remain active?

“When a Market Partner reaches at least $200 in personal volume (PV) within a calendar month, they are considered “active” and become eligible to receive commissions from their downline team members’ sales activity. PV is accumulated from the orders placed by your VIP and retail customers, as well as any orders you personally place. PV dœs not roll over from month to month. All retail sales commissions are payable regardless of the Market Partner’s active status.” – Quoted from MONAT FAQ –

I own a salon/spa business, can I sell Monat at my physical business?

The great thing about adding Monat to an existing business is the fact that you don’t have to carry inventory! You may have a display it in your store to talk to your customers about, sign them up as a VIP customer through your backoffice and the products will be delivered directly to them!

I am a hairstylist, can I use Monat products for my backbar.

First of all, yes of course you can use Monat healthy hair care products for your backbar.  This is an awesome opportunity for hairstylists to show their clients immediate results from using Monat hair treatments on your clients.   Next,  you can grow your business while the client is in your chair by helping them sign up for the VIP program on their phone.  Your client will receive their healthy hair care products conveniently at their door with a surprise gift, a sweet discount and free shipping!

Monat’s rewarding VIP program is perfect for providing your clients with a loyalty program that keeps their hair healthy! Becoming a Monat Market Partner will make your job as a hairstylist easier and more profitable!

How can I get training to become a successful Monat Market Partner?

When you become a Monat Market Partner on my team, you gain access to weekly live trainings using Facebook Live, a dedicated training website so you can learn everything you need to succeed, and a supportive leader to help you get your business running! You will also gain access to company-wide training events through webinars and in-person events.

Become a Monat Market Partner Now by clicking here.

 Thanks for reading my Monat FAQ page.  If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here in the Monat FAQ, please leave a comment with your question. I’d love to hear from you!

26 thoughts on “MONAT FAQ – The Ultimate Retail, VIP, and Market Partner Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You said to be an active mp you must have 200 in PV.. What happens if I sign up to become MP and don’t reach that each month? What exactly does being “active” mean?

    1. Hi Marci, thanks for reading! An MP that doesn’t reach the 200PV is totally fine. You would still keep your 30% commission and discount and ability to get free shipping, free gifts and flash sales with your Market Partner account. The minimum sales activity of 200PV(2 treatment systems) per month is a requirement for those who wish to build their business through team building in addition to retail sales and VIP sales. And as your business grows, the 200PV becomes so much easier to reach every month.

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by! Yes a VIP can become a Market Partner simply by calling customer Monat customer service line 1-844-MYMONAT (1-844-696-6628) 10AM-9PM EST, Mon-Fri. An amazing way to see if the Monat opportunity is right for you is to become a VIP and participate in the 3 and Thank You program that gives you Monat product credits for getting 3 of your friends to become VIP customers with you. The lovely free gifts you get with every qualifying order as a VIP customer is a nice bonus too!

      Become a Monat VIP customer today!

  2. I’m a Vip customer and received 3 flex ships since signing up. If I cancel my flexship and just order products when I need them, can I still get the Vip pricing?

    1. Yes that is correct, after 3 Flexships you can call Monat customer service and have them stop the flexships and you can keep all of your VIP discount perks.

  3. So if I have a VIP customer enroll the 3 VIP customers and I’m the MP. Do I still receive commissions on those 3 new VIPs that are part of the program? Or do my commissions change?

    1. Hi Taylor, thanks for stopping by! Any commissions earned when VIPs sign up through your VIP customer are yours just like if you had signed them up yourself! The earning potential from showing people the value of our VIP program (gifts with every flexship, free shipping, lifetime disocunt!) is huge!

    1. No you don’t need a GST number. You will receive a T4 from your commissions earned with Monat and you can fill out the business expenses/income form at income tax time. Market Partners from the USA receive tax forms for income tax purposes too.

    1. Yes you do get a gift with each qualifying Flexship order! I love getting a nice surprise when the shipment comes in.

    1. I believe active lines are MPs only but not certain. It would be a great question to bring to your upline team and Monat support.

    1. Hi Wendy, to get free shipping you can set up your Flexship order in your Monat account. You decide what is in it, when it ships and you get free shipping and a gift with every flexship order. If you need more help with this I encourage you to reach out to the person who helped you sign up as MP. They will be your biggest support while you’re starting your business.

  4. 3 questions: 1)When a VIP fulfills their first three orders within the 3-6 months and they want to remain on the program, do they commit to another three qualifying orders in the next 3-6 months after or do they have to just keep ordering every 1-2 months until they cancel?
    2) Is there an option for them to “freeze” their account after their 3 orders if they think they have enough product?
    3) is the $19.99 VIP enrollment fee one-time or yearly?

    1. After their first 3 orders they can continue on the program and get their flexships whenever they like. All they have to do is login to their account and adjust the shipment dates. The VIP fee is a lifetime, one time payment 🙂

  5. Hi I’m a MP and I was told orders over a certain amount get free shipping. The first order of 400.00 I had to pay shipping. I just tried ordering more samples and it doesn’t seem to matter what the price is I still get charged for shipping… am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Kim, I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I sincerely hope you were able to resolve this issue with the help of your upline and customer service team.

      It seems there was some confusion about the free shipping. Market Partners and VIPs get free shipping o their qualifying Flexship orders. A qualifying order is the equivalent of a hair care system or Rejuvenique Oil.

      The beauty of the flexship program is in the complete flexibility of your shipments. You choose what you want to order, the date it is shipped and how often you want product. I hope that helps clear things up.

  6. If I start using these products will I still need a keratin treatment? I have plenty of curly hair and do keratin treatments to control frizz and relax curl.. thanks

    1. Hi Kathy, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Yes you can use Keratin treatments in addition to Monat. The Men’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditoner is not recommended for those who get the treatments. I would instead go with the Renew Shampoo and a conditioner of your choice. You may find yourself needing less K treatments after a couple months of using Monat. If you’d like a quick hair health consultation please send me a message on I’d love to help you find the correct combination of products for your specific concerns. Thanks so much for stopping by and reaching out to me.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Yes the Flexship program works the same way as it does for VIPs. You get your 30% MP discount, free shipping and gift with every flexship. The dollar amount to qualify is $90CAD per order and you can move your order dates to whenever you want with whatever you want in your shopping cart.

  7. Hi,
    What if I sign up as a VIP and get 3 others to sign up as well and then I want to become an MP, will they remain as my VIP’s, and will I receive commission on those three (assuming I qualify of course). Thank you!

    1. Yes Tina, you are correct. When you’re ready to become a Market Partner you can contact the MP who originally helped you with the VIP program and they will get in contact with customer service with you to get you started. It sounds like you’ve got a solid foundation to start your business! I wish you great success.

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