Monat Junior Review – Why we love healthy hair care products for kids

Have you been waiting for a healthy shampoo, conditioner and detangler spray for your children that don’t contain any nasty chemicals that could affect their health now and in the future? Me too! It was disturbing to learn how many harmful ingredients there are in popular children’s products, especially this particular household name.  For this reason, I am super excited to share my Monat Junior Review with you!

Monat Junior Review - Healthy Hair Care Products for Kids
My little curly guy loved Monat Junior and so did his hair!

Before the Monat Junior collection came out all I could do was use my Balance Treatment system on my kids’ curly hair which worked wonderfully. But, the only problem with that is I have trouble sharing my luxury hair care products.  Thankfully, I won’t have to share my precious hair care products with them anymore because they have their own now! 

MONAT Junior line was developed to treat your children’s unique hair, which is naturally finer and more fragile than adults’ hair. Plus, the line’s highly concentrated formulas allow you to use less product to get the job done. The MONAT Junior products are tear-, sulfate– and paraben-free, and safe and gentle for children ages one to nine. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. 

Monat Junior Review

DISCLOSURE **First things first, as you probably already know, I am an Independent Monat Market Partner and I do receive compensation from any sales that are processed through my website.  Any opinion expressed here is my own and I purchased my own products to use on my family and write this review. **  

My initial thoughts when unboxing the Monat Junior package was ‘Wow! These are adorable, my kids will just love this packa-…’ and before I could blink, my kids had the gorgeous gift box packaging taken apart. It’s definitely gift-able right out of the shipping box though so I would recommend ordering a few to keep on hand for special occasions.

Monat Junior Review - Box Set
Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the adorable box set before my children got to it, so this one will have to do.

The packaging is really adorable and my kids obviously went wild for it.  This cute shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray set would make the perfect gift for a baby shower, kids birthday or any special kids related event.

In comparison to traditional store bought kids products, the bottles seem a bit on the small side.  However,  Monat healthy hair care products are more concentrated formulas than what you would buy from the grocery store shelves.  Monat Junior provides parents with safe products to use for their children’s hair which comes at a higher price than the the chemical  junk filled products at the store.

The new Monat Junior shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray can be used on children as young as one year and up.  Furthermore,  the shampoo and conditioner is completely tear free so it doesn’t sting your child’s eyes.

We absolutely loved the smell of all three products, especially the Gentle Detangler spray.  The Gentle Shampoo lathered nicely in their hair and was quite easy to rinse out with no tears! My kids loved playing with the bubbles in the tub and it smelled like fresh pears.  Next, we noticed that conditioner was highly concentrated and a  little goes a long way.  It was also light and rinsed out easily without any trouble.

After the kids finished thier bath I towel-dried their hair and sprayed with the Gentle Detangler spray.   I was shocked to easily slide a wide-toothed comb through their hair. No tears! Once it dried I noticed that their gorgeous curls were light, defined and bouncy. No frizz and two heads full of ringlets! We were all very happy with this adorable healthy hair care set for kids.

Monat Junior Review - Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler Spray
My curly girl didn’t want to take a picture. This was the best I could get of her hair after it dried but you can clearly see her defined curls!

Taking care of my curly-haired kids’ hair is so much easier now that we have Monat Junior! They know when it’s time to comb their hair and they never forget to use their yummy smelling detangler spray!

How to Order:

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    1. Oh my gosh me too! It’s absolutely gorgeous and would make a great gift. The kiddos love the smell and their curls look so beautiful after their bath. It’s a pretty fancy product line for sure.

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